What is Credit Bureau

What is Credit Bureau

Al Etihad Credit Bureau is a Federal Government organization that collects credit data, information and financial commitments from banks and financial institutions in order to provide accurate Credit Reports to individuals, financial institutions and companies in the UAE as allowed by the laws and regulations of the UAE.

Credit Report & Benefits

What is a Credit Report?

A Credit Report is a collection of historical credit data from various financial institutions, utilities, governments etc on individuals and companies in the UAE. The report includes:

Record of current and previous credit facilities

Payment history over last 24 months

Payments overdue

Records of any defaults and bounced checks

How will a Credit Report benefit you?

Helps you understand your credit-worthiness

Lowers the costs of credit for a good borrower

Provides greater access to capital for Small & Medium Businesses

The process of obtaining approval for borrowings (i.e. loans, credit cards etc…) will be more transparent and accurate