Introduction to Credit Cards

Introduction to Credit Cards

A credit card is a type of debt instrument that comes with a pre-determined credit limit. Credit cards are the most used worldwide and they are user friendly. You do not have to keep a bunch of currency in your wallet to meet your day to day expenses. Credit cards are convenient and safe to use online as well as offline.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to credit cards. Even they can be your gateway to emergency cash, offering special discounts and privileges when you are traveling or when you travel.

Looking for a credit card in the UAE? Banks offer a huge range of credit cards, so it is essential that you fully compare them all before committing to one.

To find the right credit card you have to consider factors such as convenience, rate, benefits, minimum income, fees and more.

UAE Bank offers an incredible range of benefits and facilities with credit cards, whether you are looking for cash-back on expenses, air miles, free lounge access, free golf access, discounts on restaurants or free movie tickets, we can help you find the best card for you as per your requirement.

You can instantly check your credit card limit eligibility and apply online within seconds using’s smart algorithm. We work hard for you to find the best products and offers easily.