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Banking accounts in the UAE

Deciding to open an account in the UAE is a simple decision but the difficult part is choosing the right place to open that account in. Or even to pick the right type of accounts to open. You can chose to open an account with a central bank or a commercial bank or even a foreign bank. You can even choose to open a savings account, a current account or a deposit account. Each account offers its own features and benefits which allow you to have the opportunity really pick an account that fulfills all your needs whether it be of accounts offering high interest to account meant specifically for daily transactions and remittance in multiple currencies.

Current account are accounts that differ from savings accounts in their features. For example while current account can also have minimum balance clauses and provide chequebooks to the customers, they will offer also offer overdraft and standing instructions facilities that will allow you to spend more than the funds in the account or have regular payments made without you having to inform the bank every single time. Current accounts also come with international ATM/debit cards and many of the current accounts will allow you to hold funds in the accounts in currencies like AED, Euro, USD, GBP, etc.

In need of a current account? Whether new to the UAE or simply trying to change your current bank account, there are extensive bank account options available today with varying features to suit your needs.

Working alongside the UAE’s leading banks, we do all the hard work for you, scouring the market for the leading current, savings and deposit accounts, taking into account things like; minimum monthly income, transfer fees, overdraft facilities, incentives and rewards. With our help you can find the account that best suits your pocket and your lifestyle.

Let us do all the hard work and find you the best deal!

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Features of Current Accounts

  • Current accounts can be used to transfer salaries.
  • Funds can be held in these accounts in various currencies like USD, GBP, Euro, AED, etc.
  • These accounts too come with international ATM and debit cards and chequebooks.
  • The account can be opened by individuals or by proprietorship firms, companies or other such groups of individuals.
  • These accounts also provide overdraft facilities that can be availed after the bank has been informed of it.
  • They will also allow you to create standing instructions to take care of transactions that need to be conducted on specific dates.
  • Some banks may require that you maintain a minimum balance in your current accounts while others may not.

Current Account Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges

Account Opening Fees Without fees
Minimum Balance AED 3,000
Breach of Min Balance (monthly) AED 25
Relationship Fee Without fees
Non receipt of salary Without fees
Utility Bill Payment (Internet & ATM Free) AED 10 for counter Payment
Account Closure fee ( if closed within 1 year of opening) AED100
Standing Instruction set up. AED 50
Penalty fee for insufficient funds for standing orders AED 25
Account balance letter AED 50
No liability certificate AED 100
Release Letter AED 50
Liability letter issued to government departments/embassies / financial institutions AED 100
Dormant account charge Without fees
Statement of Account (per cycle) (Free within the agreed cycle) Outside the cycle AED 25
Teller Services (6 free per month) Additional at AED10 per transaction
Bulk cash deposit & withdrawal at teller counter Without fees

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