About Car Loans

When the time comes to buy dream car and you realize that the only thing standing between you and pure driving bliss is the lack of money to buy the car, it’s time to head in for a car loan. A car loan makes sure you get the opportunity to make your dreams come true in such a way that you can enjoy the car today and pay for it tomorrow. Some of them may make the repayments even easier by extending offers like  take the car now and EMI will start after 3 to 6 months so that you don’t experience too much of a financial burden in the initial days of owning the car.

At amafh.com you can compare car loans based on; interest rates, deposit requirements, fees and charges and other applicable loan terms so you can compare the leading car finance products and secure the best deal for your needs.  You can also check your car loan eligibility and apply online instantly.

Features of Car Loans

Car loans are set up in such a way that you can manage to get the best out of your loan not only by buying the car you want, but also by choosing the interest rates you want, the amount you want as a loan, the time you want to take to pay it back, and much more. Given below some of the common features of car loans in the UAE.

  • Car loans can start from AED 10,000 and even go as high as AED 1,500,000
  • Repayment period range from 12-60 months
  • Attractive interest rates. You can choose between flat interest rates or reducing balance interest rates
  • Enjoy finance of up to 80% of the car value
  • Car Loan facility available for both New & Used cars

Car Loan Interest Rates

Interest Rate Reducing** 3.99% to 18.00%*
Processing Fees 1% of loan amount Min. AED 500 Max. AED 2500
Early Settlement 1% of remaining balance
NOC to Traffic department Without fee
Replacement of existing post dated

Cheques with new post dated Cheques

Without fees
Advance payment of installment 1% of the advanced payment
Change of due date on standing instructions AED 25
Installment deferment charges AED 100 per deferment
Loan Rescheduling AED 250
Late payment penal interest charges 2% over agreed rate, Min. AED 50 Max. AED 200
All other items not mentioned above Without fees

*Rates are subject to change

* You can convert reducing interest rate to flat interest rate by dividing the reducing rate by 1.80%

 You can check your personalized Car loan eligibility instantly by completing 3 simple steps. Click Here > Check Eligibility

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